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Have your property managed by Experience Jervis Bay

Why have your property managed by Experience Jervis Bay?

We are an exclusive holiday rental property management business looking after properties in Jervis Bay, If you want the best service and outcome then you should have your property managed by Experience Jervis Bay.

We provide a full-service end-to-end management, working for and with our owners to deliver the highest standard of service and the best returns.

As an owner, you can be confident that as a dedicated holiday rental management business our sole focus is on managing your holiday rental without the typical distractions of permanent rentals, sales etc. that most management companies have. With holiday rental, or STRA (Short Term Rental Accommodation) management evolving into a specialty service, you must have a company dedicated to the service, otherwise, there is every chance it could be being done better.

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  1. Holiday rentals only
    We specialise in holiday rental management services allowing us to provide a service that is dedicated to holiday rental owners only (we don’t manage permanent rentals, do sales or anything else).
  2. Jervis Bay only
    We only manage properties in the Jervis Bay area meaning that we always have eyes on your property and can tend to your property as and when needed (we don’t manage properties in Kiama, the Southern Highlands, Central Coast or anywhere else)
  3. Local team
    Our team are locals living and working in Jervis Bay meaning we always have eyes on your property and can be at your property first hand as and when needed.
  4. Local trades
    All our trades are locals meaning we have strong long-term relationships with them ensuring they can tend to your property in good time (we are not just using Google to find the people to work on your property)
  5. Industry best
    We use the industry’s best systems, procedures and software to ensure the safe and efficient management of your property (we don’t leave it up to individuals to remember when and action what needs to be done)
  6. Proactive approach
    We offer a proactive approach to the management of your property ensuring everything is done ahead of time (we are not reactive in our approach to the management of your property)
  7. Business owners invested
    The business owners are invested in management service working both in and on the business to ensure the best possible management service is delivered (we don’t just have a staff member looking after your property while the directors are doing other things)

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